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When you have a unique door opening we do unique work. See pictures and descriptions below of just a few of the unique installations we have done.  Check back from time to time as we will be posting more pictures and of our custom work.  If there is anything you might like to see, just "Contact Us" and ask.  

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Store front doors

This door is at a local amusement park on a private room for special customers only.  They needed a wireless lock to release this door.  No power could be run to the door by wire or pipe so a battery powered wireless code lock and a battery powered electric strike were used to unlock the door.  The batteries for the electric strike are located in the wall behind the code lock and a solar cell was located nearby to keep the batteries charged longer.  We couldn't paint the mount plate (behind the reader) on site but the customer said they would take care of it.  They painted it banana yellow...yuk!


Herculite doors

All glass herculite doors and transom.  Mag lock mount brackets glued to glass directly.  Alarm contacts glued to glass on outside of magnetic locks.


Custom touch sensitive horizontal push bars releasing concealed magnetic locks in the header.


Custom touch sensitive vertical push bars releasing surface mounted magnetic locks on the header.


Surface magnetic locks.  Custom magnetic lock mount bracket painted white, flush with the ceiling.  Stainless cover plates glued on in and out on the top of the door simulate a top rail and hide glue on brackets for mounting the armatures to the doors. (An armature is the steel plate the magnetic lock grabs on to keeping the door locked)  Touch sensitive panic bars mounted to the glass using glue on brackets.  Door cords transfer power to the bars. 


Same like above but with side rails added to run wires.  The rails make the doorway simulate a standard storefront opening.


Here is an example of surface mag locks replacing in the floor shear locks.  The locks are being mounted on a set of herculite doors with a glass transom above and no top rails on the doors.  Brackets that go over the top of the doors were used to mount the armatures since we has the clearance between both the door and transom.  The mag locks were suspended using a custom header tube made of stainless steel that spanned the distance between two side rails a few feet beyond each side of the opening.  Wiring was brought in from the side of the header tube to the mag locks.  An existing PIR detector releases the mat locks.    

     Armature mounted          Mag Lock and Armature 

Techs working on header tube       Both maglocks on header


Finished product.  See detector behind exit sign.  Stainless tube spanning width.


A customer of ours was required to leave this door unlocked.  It is a single Herculite door with glass sidelites on both sides.  The fire department requires free egress if they wanted to lock the door.  We made custom mount brackets to solve this customers needs.


Other work

Mag lock on a freezer door.  Custom mount plate.  All painted white.


Gate Work

Surface door closer mounted to a chain link gate.


Double sided deadbolt on a tool cage.


This sliding gate uses a card reader for entry by electric strike release set up as fail secure. A push button is used to release the electric strike from the inside (upper right side) and a manual T turn on the lock to retract the latch from the inside, both used for free egress.  


This is a gate lock with reader entry & exit by electric strike, locked on both sides.  Keyed for manual override.



Low Energy Door Operators

This operator is mounted on the exterior of a cafeteria door on the outside of the building with a large overhang.  Special mount brackets were made for the door and wall to hang this unit.  A hand railing was installed and a push button was mounted on the railing to open the door from the outside.  From the inside the door is pushed to exit and closes under its own power.  This customer wanted employees to have hands free entrance to bring in trays from a lunch truck outside, not having to pull open the door to enter the cafeteria.  Click Here to see the video.



Aames Lock can provide line drawings of what hardware will look like on your door.  This is very beneficial for you, your architect or contractors that need specific dimensions or looks from our hardware.